As you all know, we had planned ourselves a hefty target and a whole lot of pain this year to help raise money for the Grand Appeal Sensory Play program. We’ve posted about this amazing charity before and you can read a little more about it on our earlier Blog.

Just before Lockdown was implemented Adam managed to complete the Bath Half Marathon in the very respectable time of 1:44:23 which was the first of our challenges. Covid then threw its sizable spanner in the works in relation to our events.

Next up was Pete’s Tour De Bristol 100km ride. Unfortunately, this has been pushed back to October. Don’t you worry though, he’ll still be completing it as promised.

The Bristol 10k was on Adam’s list but as this was cancelled and not rescheduled, Adam still headed out to complete a run on the day. We stick to our promises!

2 events completed for Adam – None for Pete…yet.

“We stick to our promises!”

June 20th was supposed to be Pete’s Half Ironman but again this has been rescheduled (lucky for him). This is due to take place at the same time next year. Pete did still get out though to show that he was serious and completed a 7 hour, 200km bike ride!

The next challenge isn’t until September now, the Bristol Half Marathon. We’re still unsure whether this will go ahead but if it does we’ll be ready to follow through on our commitment.

So far we have had some very generous donations to our JustGiving Page but there is always room for more! Please head over to have a read on what this amazing charity does and I’m sure you’ll understand why we are so committed to raising as much as possible for them!

We’ll keep you in the loop with our progress!