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Interest Only vs Repayment

This is a question we get a lot and it’s probably best to, first of all, explain the differences between the two and a few of the advantages and disadvantages. Most people would probably assume all mortgages are set up on a repayment basis so this blog may be a bit Interest Only focused. However,

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Location Considerations

We get a lot of First Time Buyers asking for our opinions on where to buy and what to look out for. We get this a lot from First Time Landlords too actually but for different reasons! It’s difficult for us to say for certain whether a property is perfect for someone, only you’ll

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Pros and Cons of New Builds

 Pros and Cons of New Builds Buying a new build property is a perfect option for many. If you are anything like me, the idea of renovating a property is pretty daunting so being able to move into a brand-new property that has been built to your specifications is amazing. There are a few

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