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Mortgages for Self-Employed.

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Experts in finding the best mortgages for Self-Employed.

It is often said that getting a mortgage when you are self-employed is a lot harder than if you are employed. That doesn’t have to be the case!

Everyone’s business is different and whether you are a sole trader, in a partnership or a limited company director, there are plenty of mortgages out there.

With over 20 years experience in helping the self-employed apply for mortgages, we’re here to help you.

The first conversation will last for about 15 minutes and we’ll take down your basic information, tell you about how we work and then discuss what is achievable and how much that costs. We’ll tell you what documentation you need to provide and how to get it.

It doesn’t matter If you are a first time buyer or a portfolio landlord, we are here to help.

Whatever questions you have, just get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

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Free, unbiased and independent mortgage advice for the Self-Employed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about mortgages for the Self-Employed.

    How many years do I need to have been self-employed?2021-05-27T16:33:16+00:00

    Ideally you will be able to provide 2 years worth of income proof. If you have your first years proof of income, we will be able to help, but there may be less options.

    How do I prove my self-employed income?2021-05-27T16:34:09+00:00

    We will always ask for your last 2 years tax calculations and tax year overviews. If you are a limited company director, we will ask for your last 2 years signed accounts. If you have an accountant we will ask for their contact details.

    I’m employed by my own Limited company, why am I being classed as self-employed?2021-05-27T16:35:01+00:00

    If your shareholding of any business is more than 25%, then you will be classed as self employed and we will need to see your last 2 years tax calculations and tax year overviews, and your last 2 years signed accounts.

    I don’t take all of the profits out of the business, can the lenders look at my net profit?2021-05-27T16:35:33+00:00

    A handful of lenders will use your salary plus net proft/ retained profit/ profit before tax. If you don’t take as much dividends as you could, we can look at your last 2 years signed accounts and find a lender who will be more generous.

    How much can I borrow on a self-employed mortgage?2021-05-27T16:36:06+00:00

    Typically you will be able to borrow 4.5 times your income. In some cases, this can rise to as much as 5.5 times your income if you are classed as a professional, or if the total income is more than £50,000 and you are a first time buyer.

    I’ve not done this years accounts yet, will that be a problem?2021-05-27T16:36:37+00:00

    Your accounts can’t be any more than 18 months old. If your last set of accounts are more than 18 months old, you will need to produce another set of accounts before you can apply for a mortgage.

    How do I download my tax calculations and tax year overviews?2021-05-27T16:37:14+00:00

    Tax calculations used to be called SA302s and they show how much income you have received from employed, self-employed, property etc. the tax year overview shows how much tax you have paid and should match the tax due on the tax calculation.

    1. Log in to your HMRC online account
    2. Follow the link ‘tax return options’
    3. Choose the year from the drop down menu and select the ‘Go’ button
    4. Select the ‘View return’ button
    5. Follow the link ‘view calculation’
    6. Follow the link ‘view and print your calculation’
    7. Follow the link ‘print your full calculation’

    Follow these steps to print a tax year overview

    1. Follow the link ‘view account’.
    2. Follow the link ‘tax years’.
    3. Choose the year from the drop down menu and select the ‘Go’ button.
    4. Follow the link ‘print your Tax Year Overview’.

    Note: You must wait 72 hours after fully submitting your return until you can print your documents.


    Excellent guys who made the process simple and understandable. Pete was in constant contact throughout and always kept us in the loop with any changes. Easy to talk to and didn’t mind answering the ‘silly questions’! I will 100% be using them in the future.
    Adam offered a range of solutions – both tracker and fixed over varying periods. Adam was able to provide examples of the likely exit fees should we need to move before our initial agreement ended which really helped. We ended up with a deal which was over a shorter period and with lower monthly repayments.

    Peter always called when he said he would and I had a real sense of him taking pride in his work and genuine desire to assist us in finding the appropriate mortgage. Needless to say Peter obtained a super mortgage for us.


    Adam made the [remortgage] process very simple, he had excellent knowledge of the products available and what would fit my circumstances. An offer was made by the new provider within a week and everything was wrapped up and completed very quickly.


    Mr Lloyd helped me to buy my first house. Pete was able to explain all of the documents and processes to me in a way in which I could really understand. Pete was professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. If i were to need a mortgage again or even advice on my existing mortgage I would recommend Pete Lloyd and the services he provides for ease and support through what could be seen as a stressful process.